What is an Online Memorial?

An online memorial, in the form of a website, is a great way to celebrate the life of someone who has passed away. The site that is set up can be a tribute to the person and give comfort for the people that the deceased left behind. Many times, everyone who was in the person’s life is not able to make his or her own memorial. With a website, everyone can visit the site and remember the person that has passed. When someone passes and a memorial is set up through a web site, it is much easier to remember that person, since the hectic life that many people lead makes it difficult to get away to visit a regular memorial. Many times not everyone associated with the deceased attends the memorial service, but with one set up on a website, many more people will be able to remember the person that passed.


There are many advantages of having a website set up for an online memorial. The memorial website can tell the story of the person’s life, what they accomplished, and it can even provide the names of the survivors. One of the nice things about a website such as this is that people can pay tribute to the person and offer condolences to family and loved ones. Some of the websites also allow the possibility to light a web candle in memory of the person that has passed.

An online memorial can also include many pictures, slideshows, and videos, so people who visit the site can see the person as they lived their life. This can be a great addition to a memorial as it can remind the visitor what the person was truly like before they passed. It can evoke great memories of that person to anyone who views the site.

The person who sets up the site has a wide range of possibilities on how they want the person who has passed to be remembered. What can be put on the site depends on which web site builder is used to make the memorial. After the memorial is set up, the person who created it can send the link of the memorial to all the people in the person’s life, such as family and friends.

An online memorial allows everyone that was associated with the person take part in remembering the deceased. The memorial web site also lets the people left behind to share their special memories of the deceased with others. Share the person you loved to everyone they knew and allow them to take part in the remembrances with an online memorial.


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