Antiparos Accommodation

Antiparos accommodationOn the contrary of its small size, the island of Antiparos is very famous among visitors due to the natural beauties and the archaeological sightseeing. The amazing landscape, the beaches with the turquoise crystal clear waters, the traditional picturesque villages and the impressive sea caves “compose” the scenery of an earthly paradise in the Aegean Sea.

Regarding its beaches, there is a good number of small and picturesque coasts. One of the main places of interest on Antiparos is its famous cave, dating from ancient years. This cave keeps its stalactites and stalagmites, although during the war that took place from 1700 to 1774, Russian soldiers cut many of them in order to keep them as souvenirs, the same as the Italian soldiers during the 2nd World War. The cave also has some inscriptions, among which some names that can still be discerned.

The natural beauty of the island along with its beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, whitewashed houses and traditional character will make you visit Antiparos again and again!

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Article source: Antiparos Accommodation


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